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Advantages of national standard elbow

Update:04 Apr 2019

Advantages of the national standard seamless elbow: 1. […]

Advantages of the national standard seamless elbow: 1. The material of the national standard seamless elbow is composed of two elements of carbon and hydrogen, absolutely no toxic substances are added, and the material of the national standard seamless elbow is related to the country. The department's testing, so you can rest assured that its hygiene. 2. The weight of the national standard seamless elbow is only one tenth of the steel pipe. It can be imagined how light it is, and it also greatly reduces the transportation cost, and is also convenient during installation and construction. 3, the national standard seamless elbow heat resistance is good, nothing to say, why do you say this? For example, when the working water temperature is 70 °, the softening temperature is 140 °. So there is no need to worry about its heat resistance. 4, the national standard seamless elbow is also very resistant to corrosion, not only will not rust, but will not breed bacteria, of course, in addition to a small number of hydrogenation agents. 5, insulation performance is good, this should be everyone knows. Because the thermal conductivity of the GB seamless elbow material is low, it is very good compared to the thermal insulation performance. 6, the national standard seamless elbow impact strength performance is much stronger than other solid wall tubes, compared with the real wall is 1.3 times its. So it has a strong impact resistance. 7. Another point is that the stamping elbow has a long service life and is said to be more than 50 years old. Because of its rated temperature and pressure, it not only emits radiation, but also emits ultraviolet rays. Never fade. The GB seamless elbow is a type of pipe used for pipe turning.

What is the point of a seamless elbow in order to be a national standard elbow?

1. The problem of the length of the elbow, when the length of the seamless elbow is not reached, then the elbow elbow is not reached, and the most affected is that the elbow pressure is directly affected.

2. The problem of elbow thickness, seamless elbow deviation wall thickness is within the scope of the national standard. The deviation wall thickness of 0.875 is allowed by the state. When we purchase, we must see whether the actual thickness reaches the deviation of 0.875 GB.

3. The angle problem of seamless elbows, when the seamless elbow is used for the production and processing of the groove, the angle must be 90 degrees, otherwise the seamless welded elbow is on the scene but it is difficult to weld, and since it will be welded, Then his welding flaw detection is also unqualified.