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Analysis of gear damage of gear reducer

Update:30 Jun 2020

The gear damage of the gear reducer is a problem that o […]

The gear damage of the gear reducer is a problem that occurred during the operation. Next, we will analyze this problem. Broken teeth problem. The reasons for broken teeth can be divided into two situations, one is fatigue breakage, and the other is overload breakage. In the normal operation of the gear, the gear will be subjected to alternating loads for many times, and bending fatigue stress will be generated on the dangerous surface of the gear, so long-term wear will produce fatigue cracks at the root of the gear.

Under the action of continuous bending fatigue stress of the gear, the fatigue cracks of the gear will gradually deepen, and the gear will break due to sports fatigue under the long-term induction of this effect. During the operation of the gear, it will be subjected to an overload shock and a change in the load force in a short time. In this way, the wear of the gear will gradually become thinner, and then it will break during work.

In view of the above problem of broken teeth, without affecting the gear transmission, the larger radius of the gear root circle is increased, and the roughness of the processed surface of the gear is reduced to a large extent, so that the gear can be reduced during the work process The phenomenon of wear due to concentrated force increases the rigidity of the shaft and its support. This load is gradually relaxed during the partial load of the gear surface, which will make the center of the gear have strong toughness, followed by It can be strengthened and processed at the eradication position of the gear to continuously improve the anti-breaking ability of the gear.

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