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Brief introduction of gear ratio

Update:14 Mar 2020

Gear is a relatively common part product in life. The r […]

Gear is a relatively common part product in life. The role of gears as parts of machines cannot be ignored..Gear is also a common component. In some hardware stores, you can buy gear.Gears are very frequently used products in today's machinery. Usually, we use gears of different sizes to connect and match, which can reduce the speed of rotation and increase the torque at the same time.

Because the gear's circumference ratio is the radius ratio, when transmitting power from the small gear to the large gear, the speed of rotation, the reduction ratio, and the torque amplification multiple are exactly equal to the gear ratio of the two gears. ".

Usually in a car, the engine outputs power to the tire through two torque amplification processes, one is generated by the gear position, and the other depends on the final gear ratio or final transmission ratio, which can also be called Tail teeth. The total torque magnification is the multiplier of the gear ratio of the transmission and the final gear ratio.