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Calculation of precision gear strength

Update:18 Jan 2020

Precision gears are an important part of the machine. E […]

Precision gears are an important part of the machine. Everyone should know more about precision gears, because it appears more frequently in people's lives and in industry. In the process of using precision gears, the wear of the gears and the types of precision gears required by different types of machines are also different. It is an indispensable thing to calculate the strength of precision gears. The calculation of precision gear strength depends on calculation formulas and some calculation tools

For small precision gears, the strength can be calculated using the Hertz stress formula, which is based on the larger surface compression of the contact area of ​​the tooth surface.For precision gears with large modulus and large diameter, the Hertzian formula is used to calculate the compressive stress intensity of the tooth surface, but it cannot truly reflect the actual force of the precision gear.With the increase of the modulus, the tooth radius and the contact radius of the precision gear increased at that time. The danger point of stress is no longer at the surface layer of the hardened layer of the precision gear, but at a certain depth inside. For example, the research on the stress distribution below the tooth surface and the calculation of its strength for large precision gears in a precision gearbox with a center distance of A = 1000 (mm) and I = 3, put forward the "three-way stress theory": The stress distribution curve of the tooth section including the stress on the tooth surface is obtained by applying the main extension hypothesis to the combined stress action composed of three-way single stress. It can accurately reflect the stress state when the tooth surfaces are meshed.

For the size and size of precision gears, the strength calculation methods of precision gears are also different. Different strength calculation methods are used to make the calculation results of precision gear strength more accurate and closer to the actual force situation. There are many types of precision gears. If you want to buy, you need to refer to the machine you are using and buy the appropriate precision gear. This way, the precision gear and the machine can work well together to make the two fully function.