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Characteristics of bevel gears

Update:28 Feb 2020

Gears are applied to many products, and gears are also […]

Gears are applied to many products, and gears are also a common component. You can buy gears in some hardware stores. When you buy in a hardware store, you may see many types of gears, like screwdrivers, plum blossoms, crosses, etc. The use of the corresponding screws is also different. There are many types of gears, and different types of gears have different application scenarios.

We will introduce bevel gears to everyone here. I don't know if you know anything about bevel gears. Bevel gears are also called bevel gears. Do you think that the names of bevel gears will be more pleasant? I will introduce the characteristics of bevel gears.

Strong chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.noise reduction and vibration reduction.Long life and high load bearing capacity.Light weight and low cost.
Easy to form and good lubricity.The bevel gear has a large load, requires high centering accuracy, and has very high technical requirements.