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Copper sleeve manufacturers custom-made graphite sleeve

Update:01 Nov 2019

Copper sleeves, also known as copper bushings, are divi […]

Copper sleeves, also known as copper bushings, are divided into a variety of types, including machine copper rolls, copper bearings, and so on. Used in all kinds of light industrial, large and heavy machinery, it is an important component of machinery. The product has the traditional function of tin bronze bearing. It is made of electrolytic copper as raw material and various trace metal elements. It is sintered by high temperature sintering and processed by pneumatic centrifugal casting. High hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce seizure, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. In the absence of lubricants and water-based lubricants, the slidability and self-lubricating properties are good, easy to cut, poor casting performance, and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid. General-purpose structural parts, simple castings used for ships, instruments, etc., such as sleeves, bushings, bushings, sliders, etc.

Self-lubricating bearings, special materials self-lubricating bearings, according to different purposes and working conditions, choose different self-lubricating bearings.

One of the large-scale solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings (JDB for short) is a novel lubricated bearing that combines the characteristics of metal bearings with the characteristics of oil-free lubricating bearings. The base is subjected to load and the specially formulated solid lubricating material acts as a lubrication.

Graphite copper sleeve has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high temperature resistance and strong self-lubricating ability. It is especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or swinging, etc., which is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and is not afraid of water and other acid. Etching and scouring. Graphite copper sleeves have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, molds, lifting machinery, textile machinery, wind power generation, ships, steam turbines, hydraulic turbines, injection molding machines and equipment production lines. It is twice the size of a common bushing.

The graphite copper sleeve can be used in the case of not easy to add oil, long-term lack of oil or oil-free environment, and has self-lubricating maintenance-free function, which makes up for the shortage of ordinary copper sleeves requiring regular refueling.

Casting method: horizontal centrifugal casting (diameter 30-1000mm, weight 1-1000 kg), sand casting (weight 0.1-1000 kg), metal mold casting.