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How is the bronze gear made?

Update:11 Jan 2020

Gears are often used in mechanical connections. We use […]

Gears are often used in mechanical connections. We use moving diagrams to demonstrate the processing of gears. In addition to gear processing, we have also arranged other production processes, all of which are animations and explanations, which is very intuitive.

Gear is a commonly used transmission part. Different shapes and types of gears can achieve different transmission effects. Gear processing is a process that uses a mechanical method to obtain the specific structure and accuracy of the gear.
Gear machining methods generally include hobbing, inserting, milling, and grinding with high accuracy requirements. Corresponding machines and cutters include gear hobbing machines and gear hobbing machines, gear shaping machines and gear shaping tools, horizontal milling machines and gear milling cutters, gear grinding machines and gear grinding wheels.

Cylindrical gears and bevel gears are widely representative, and different process combinations are used according to different structures and accuracy requirements.
Gear processing has a dedicated and complex tool system, and different tools need to be selected and designed according to different gear products and processing methods. Such as hob, razor, inserter for cylindrical gear processing, circular broach for straight bevel gear, and various milling cutters for spiral bevel gear processing.