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Independent innovation of the foundry industry

Update:11 Feb 2019

The technological independent innovation of the foundry […]

The technological independent innovation of the foundry industry mainly has the following main areas:

1. Casting technology for large and key equipment parts: mainly including casting of large and extra large steel castings and ductile iron parts (such as turbine blades, upper ring, lower ring, rolling mill frame, nuclear waste tank, etc.); steam turbine , Turbine engine directional solidification blade, single crystal blade casting technology; aerospace, aerospace aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy and titanium alloy large-scale structural casting production technology. Precision casting

2. Light metal advanced casting forming technology: mainly including die-casting technology of complex automobile aluminum alloy castings (such as automobile engine block); aluminum alloy semi-solid casting technology; extrusion casting technology of aluminum alloy and aluminum matrix composite; large thin-wall aluminum Production technology of alloy castings; complete set of precision sand casting technology for aluminum alloy; high-performance magnesium alloy die-casting forming technology (such as vacuum die-casting, ultra-low-speed die-casting, etc.); development of cast heat-resistant magnesium alloy materials; anti-corrosion technology of magnesium alloy castings.

3. High-quality, high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally friendly casting technology: mainly including the development of energy-saving and environmentally friendly casting equipment and auxiliary materials, such as smoke-removing and dust-removing of cupola; development of sand-type and sand-core bonding with low pollution, no pollution and room temperature hardening Recycling and comprehensive utilization technology of foundry waste; development of lost foam casting technology and complete precision and high-efficiency forming equipment, such as development of high-precision foam molding machine, bonding machine, intelligent vibration compacting device, aluminum alloy casting The "reheat heat treatment - falling sand - sand regeneration" integration technology.

4. Digital casting technology: mainly includes knowledge-based digital design theory and method of casting forming process (KBE); mathematical modeling, simulation and simulation of multi-field coupling under macro/micro continuous scale in casting forming process; simulation of casting forming process Computing methods and parallel computing techniques. Digital casting technology also includes the management informationization of enterprises and the connection with the outside through the network.

5. Research and development of key equipment for casting production: for example, large-scale, extra-large precision high-efficiency aluminum alloy die-casting equipment; high-speed, high-efficiency, high-density sand-type manufacturing equipment; cupola smoke-eliminating equipment; efficient and energy-saving old sand recycling equipment, etc. .