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Introduction of gear transmission

Update:06 Mar 2020

Gear transmission equipment is a mechanical transmissio […]

Gear transmission equipment is a mechanical transmission that uses the teeth of two gears to mesh with each other to transmit power and movement. The gear transmission can make the machine achieve the effect of operation.

According to the relative position of the gear axis, gear transmission can be divided into parallel shaft cylindrical gear transmission, intersecting shaft bevel gear transmission and staggered shaft helical gear transmission. These gear transmissions are characterized by compact structure, high efficiency and long life.

Among all mechanical transmissions, gear transmission is widely used, and can be used to transmit motion and power between two axes that are not far away from each other. The gear transmission is stable, the transmission ratio is accurate, the work is reliable, the efficiency is high, the life is long, and the range of power, speed and size used is large. For example, the transmitted power can be from very small to several hundred thousand kilowatts, the speed can reach 300m / s, and the gear diameter can be from several millimeters to more than twenty meters. However, special equipment is needed to make gears. The meshing transmission will generate noise, which is its disadvantage.

The above is the related knowledge of gear transmission introduced, presumably everyone has already understood it. Gear transmission is a more interesting thing. The two gears are driven in opposite directions to each other, and each gear is fitted to each other to provide force, and each operation is in order. Each part in each machine plays its role in operation. If everyone is interested, you can carefully observe the structure of the machine at home, and further understand the role of each part in it, everyone will definitely feel Surprising.