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Maintenance method of cast copper parts

Update:16 May 2019

Many structural parts and main parts of cast copper par […]

Many structural parts and main parts of cast copper parts are used for casting of blanks, and the quality and precision of copper are closely related to the quality of copper castings. Machine quality, service life, accuracy and durability have important influences.

Maintenance method of cast copper parts

1. The storage of copper crafts must be kept dry, free from dust and air pollution, and the relative humidity is preferably below 50%.

2. All contaminated dirt must be removed before the object is stored. It is best to carry out chemical protection. Can not use thick grease, oil coated on crafts, crafts contact must use cotton gloves, absolutely can not sweat with hands, can not use oil paper or box.

3. Remove the dust from the copper crafts, use a soft cloth, a soft brush, a soft cloth, etc.

4. If it is necessary to rinse the water with water, the distilled water can also be heated, and a neutral soap can be used. Ammonium hydroxide, acid and white powder, gauze, etc. cannot be used. If professional cleaning requires a lot of cleaning.

5. Clean copper castings can be coated with a chemical protective agent in the original method or heated with a layer of paraffin wax, or a modern silicone coating to prevent harmful gases and moisture.

6. To prevent objects from being mechanically damaged, do not overlap them. Every piece of craft is best placed in a box. Frequent observations of changes in the copper process, once the symptoms of copper disease, should be treated in a timely manner, the method can be used to wash bicarbonate (5% sodium carbonate + sodium bicarbonate) until there is no chloride ion.