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Matters needing attention when processing seamless copper sleeve.

Update:25 Apr 2020

copper sleeve has good process performance. The process […]

copper sleeve has good process performance. The processing and manufacturing process of the working parts of the die is generally more complicated. Therefore, it must have adaptability to various processing techniques, such as forgeability, machinability, hardenability, hardenability, quenching crack sensitivity and grinding workability.

Precautions for the processing of copper sleeves: Every process in the manufacture of copper sleeves must be thoroughly cleaned, so that the residues left in the pore solution affect the following method. Due to silver, mottling that prevents this phenomenon sometimes produces an appearance that affects the quality of the coating. When using the pre-coating process, their components must always hang and swing left and right together to achieve the same effect to achieve a uniform coating color.

According to the stamping process and the type of raw materials, softening treatment and surface treatment can be arranged if necessary, and the appropriate lubricant and lubrication process can be selected. While considering the improvement of the material judgment and utilization, the unreasonable reciprocating feeding layout method and the too small overlap value will often cause the sharp wear of the copper sleeve or the convex and concave die bite. therefore. It is necessary to reasonably choose the layout method and the edge value according to the processing batch of parts, the quality requirements and the matching clearance of the copper sleeve, in order to improve the life of the copper sleeve.

copper sleeve model

copper sleeve processing requirements for die working parts: the performance of the material should have high hardness (58 ~ 64HRC and high strength, the impact on the life of the copper sleeve is the type, chemical composition, organizational structure, hardness and metallurgical quality According to the comprehensive reflection of various Gangsuo. The life of copper sleeves of different materials is often different. For this reason, it has high wear resistance and sufficient toughness, small heat treatment deformation, and certain thermal hardness.

The material of the copper sleeve is not good. It is easy to crack in the subsequent processing. The quenching and tempering process is improper, and the deformation occurs. The deflection of the copper sleeve is not flat enough. however. The working conditions are different, and the factors that affect the life of the copper sleeve are various. The following comprehensively analyzes the factors that affect the life of the die, including the design, manufacture, and use of the die, and finds corresponding improvements.

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The distance between the blades is too close, the design process: the strength of the copper sleeve is not enough. The structure of the copper sleeve is unreasonable, the number of template blocks is not enough, the gap between the feet of the backing plate is not correct, and the wire cutting is not properly handled: wire cutting. Without clearing corners, the punching power is not enough, the choice of punching equipment: punching tonnage. The die adjustment is too deep and there is no ejection tip; there are broken needles and springs in the production, and the material is not smooth: there is no demagnetization treatment before production. Or the feces are blocked, and the blanks are not smooth: no feces are leaked when the mold is assembled. The feet are not properly positioned to prevent feces production awareness: lamination stamping. No blow is used. The board continues to be produced due to cracks. Due to the different stamping processes, the failure modes of the die are mainly wear failure, deformation failure, fracture failure and bite failure. Especially for small gap or no gap dies, cemented carbide dies and precision dies, presses with high precision and good rigidity must be selected. Otherwise, the life of the copper sleeve will be reduced, and the chess will be damaged in serious cases.