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Method for checking gear shaft.

Update:27 May 2020

Gear refers to a mechanical element on the rim where ge […]

Gear refers to a mechanical element on the rim where gears are continuously meshed to transmit motion and power. Generally, there are gear teeth, tooth grooves, end faces, normal faces, tooth crest circles, tooth root circles, base circles, and index circles. When using some gear products, the role of the gear shaft is often very important. The gear shaft often needs to use some methods to inspect it when it is in production.

1. Check the meshing condition of the tooth surface of the gear shaft, and it is required that no pitting, abrasion and cracks can occur on the tooth surface.

2. The full-circle runout of the outer ring of the gear shaft cannot be greater than 0.03 mm.

3. If you need to remove the lower ring gear of the gear shaft, you must use a special tool to do it. You must not knock the gear shaft hard to avoid bending damage.

4.There should be some marks on the indirect cylinder and other parts during the reinstallation of the gear shaft.