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Precautions for selecting copper sleeves

Update:27 Apr 2019

Copper sleeve characteristics and scope of application: […]

Copper sleeve characteristics and scope of application: high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce seizure, good casting performance and machinability, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. Due to the loose porous metal structure of the copper sleeve, strict process requirements must be met during the electroplating process:

(1) The cleaning of each process should be thorough to prevent the solution remaining in the pores from affecting the next process;

(2) When silver plating, the lower groove must be charged, and the impact current density is used for 5 minutes under the premise of shaking the workpiece, and then converted to normal current density;

(3) The actual surface area of ​​the copper sleeve is many times larger than the calculated surface area. The impact current density during plating is about 3 times higher than that of the general parts, and the pre-plating time is also longer than that of the general parts;

(4) When pre-plating copper, the parts should be shaken frequently together with the hangers to ensure uniform color of the coating, and to prevent the occurrence of spots on the silver plating to affect the appearance quality of the coating.

The above is about the scope of application of copper sleeves and the precautions for use. I believe that there is no small help for everyone. For more information, please pay attention to this website and serve you wholeheartedly. We look forward to working with you.

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The use of copper sleeves to form oil and ultra-fine powder mixed self-lubricating oil film by using frictional heat breaks through the limitation of general bearing lubrication by oil film. High hardness, excellent wear resistance and high load-bearing properties.

1. It can work under oil-free lubrication or less oil for a long time, and the self-lubricating performance is good.

2. It is more suitable for heavy-duty low-speed working conditions, with good wear resistance and very low friction coefficient.

3. It is suitable for occasions where oil film such as reciprocating, rotating, rocking and intermittent motion is difficult to form.

Under normal circumstances, single-phase metal fittings for cold deformation processing such as washers, springs, and copper sleeves, and multi-phase alloys for hot deformation processing by adding other alloying elements to ordinary copper sleeves are called copper sleeves. Commonly added elements are lead, tin, aluminum, etc., which can be called lead brass, tin brass, aluminum brass brass sleeves. The purpose of adding alloying elements is to make the copper sleeve more resilient during use.

This copper sleeve has proper hardenability and wear resistance, and the heat treatment deformation is small. However, after steel forging, it is necessary to strictly control the cooling rate, and appropriate heat treatment is used to make the carbides have uniform and fine granular shape, and the copper sleeve is anti-oxidation. The working fluid penetrates into the gap of the surface of the copper ion and is thin, which is unrecognizable to the naked eye, and then the anti-oxidation working liquid on the copper surface is washed, and the moisture on the surface of the copper material is dried.