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Precautions when manufacturing gears

Update:10 Jun 2020

Gears are a very familiar mechanical parts and equipmen […]

Gears are a very familiar mechanical parts and equipment in people's lives now. I believe everyone knows that the development of China's machinery industry in recent years is getting better and better. With the continuous development of the machinery industry, various types of machinery and equipment are also Successively appeared in the production operations of people from all walks of life. Since the gear is a very important part of the mechanical equipment, we need to pay attention to it when making it. When rack and pinion manufacturers manufacture gears and racks, they must manufacture them according to certain specifications, and the production requirements for the products are also very strict. If an operation error occurs in a certain part, it will lead to the product There is an error, or quality problem.

The slight deformation in the process of machining gears and the control of process stability are relatively complicated. After the blank is forged, most of the isothermal normalization should be used to obtain good processing performance and uniform deformation of the uniform metallographic structure. For low-speed mesh gears with low accuracy requirements, they can be scraped before heating, and no longer processed after heating. The gear processing application expands the range of shaving applications; cylindrical gears have two methods: tooth decay and grinding, which have low cost, but weak tooth shape correction ability, high grinding accuracy, and high cost. The processing gear adopts tooth tip along the tooth height direction. Dressing along the length of the teeth and the drum-shaped tooth forming process can significantly reduce gear meshing noise and improve transmission performance, which is a research field that has received widespread attention.

Copper cylindrical gear

The machining gear can be regarded as a cylindrical gear, which is placed in the misaligned position of a group of thin-toothed gears. When machining the gear, the contact of each part can be a different part of the tooth profile, and the machining gear can be compensated for the teeth. shape. The error of each thin plate gear. The elasticity of the processing gear is very effective. As a result, the processing gear with an error of less than 10mm can average the error. Therefore, under load, the processing gear can run smoothly when the error is 1mm.

1. It is necessary to produce gears according to quality requirements and inspection standards. During the production process, it is necessary to ensure that the steel plate materials used by Yuwen do not have any quality problems and delamination defects.
2. When welding the gears, the correct welding standards and techniques should be used. The butt welds of the ring of the gears should adopt the full penetration welding process.
3. The gear material should be cut into strips along the rolling direction of the steel and welded into a ring shape through a bending process.
4. When he connects the gear to the pipe, he should first insert the pipe into the inner hole of the flange to the appropriate position before carrying out the lap welding work.