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Safety technical requirements in foundry equipment

Update:08 Sep 2018

Summary of a range of safety technical requirements in […]

Summary of a range of safety technical requirements in foundry equipment

Both the casting process and the foundry equipment are widely used due to the development of the foundry industry, but no matter when the safety of production is one of the main issues that users need to pay attention to, the following content also emphasizes this aspect.

Regardless of the type of casting equipment, there are a series of general safety technical requirements in the process of use, which we have to comply with. First, make sure that the guards on the equipment are safe and reliable, such as guards to prevent the diffusion of volatile materials and apron-type metal baffle guards that prevent sand and objects from falling.

Secondly, the dust removal device, the impact of dust on the use of equipment can not be ignored, so each casting machine must be equipped with a complete dust removal facility. At the same time, the casting machinery and equipment requires a solid foundation without cracks, the anchor bolts are firm and reliable; the pipeline has good sealing performance, no obvious oil leakage and air leakage; the control system is clear and sensitive; the electrical safety protection is safe and reliable.