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Surface treatment requirements for seamless elbows

Update:12 Jan 2019

The seamless elbow of foreign trade almost requires san […]

The seamless elbow of foreign trade almost requires sandblasting and rust removal. When the seamless elbow is produced, there will be a lot of lead powder applied to the inner wall of the elbow after the inner wall is coated with lead powder. In fact, lead powder is a kind of environmental pollution. Serious things, but our factory produces a variety of pipe fittings that can not be separated from lead powder. It can play a smooth role to prevent seamless elbows from being injured by the tires during production.

Seamless elbow sandblasting and rusting have two advantages. First, the lead powder on the inner wall of the elbow can be removed to ensure the customer's requirements, because the customer is also reluctant to enter the pipeline, especially the medium requirement for water. It is more strict, but the inferior elbows in the hardware market are not sandblasted at all and are all in the market. The environmental pollution is very serious. The second is that you can find many flaws in the seamless elbow and the grinding makes the seamless elbow more beautiful.

The basic process of carbon steel elbow is: firstly weld a polygonal ring shell with a polygonal cross section or a multi-edge fan shell blocked at both ends. After the internal pressure is filled with pressure medium, internal pressure is applied, and the cross section is under internal pressure. The polygon gradually turns into a circle and eventually becomes a circular ring shell. Depending on the requirements, a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90-oax elbows or six 60-oax elbows or other sizes of elbows. This process is suitable for making any specifications with a ratio of elbow to elbow inner diameter greater than 1.5. Large elbows are the ideal way to make large carbon steel elbows.