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The role of the copper sleeve in the fixed position of the machine

Update:27 Jul 2019

Working life of copper sleeve mold: unreasonable struct […]

Working life of copper sleeve mold: unreasonable structure caused by heat treatment, excessive grain size, etc., leading to the decline of main properties such as mold toughness, hot and cold fatigue performance, anti-wear performance, etc., affecting the working life of the mold. The use of frictional heat in use to form oil and ultra-fine powder mixed self-lubricating film breaks through the limitations of general bearing lubrication by oil film. High hardness, excellent wear resistance and high load-bearing properties.

Copper casting copper sleeve function: fixed, when the gear shaft is moving, try not to let it shift direction due to vibration. At this time, a copper bushing is needed to help it fix. The most important role of the copper bushing in the machine is the fixed position, which is all the performance of the copper bushing.

Copper castings are resistant to corrosion and chemicals. Maintenance-free, long service life, widely used in automotive molds and plastic molds. Self-lubricating copper sleeves, sliders, guides, guide sleeves, etc. are widely used in automotive stamping dies (drop blanks, drawing dies, bending dies, punching trimming dies, edging dies, etc.) and mechanical equipment (plastic machinery, Construction machinery, metallurgical forging, mining machinery, etc.

As the base body, high-strength brass is embedded in the oil-absorbing graphite column as a solid lubricant. The unique graphite arrangement technology and graphite hole processing method independently developed by the company are combined with the advanced vacuum oil immersion technology to make the self-lubricating guiding performance to the fullest.

Applications in various industries, copper sleeves demand steel mills, mines, steel mill roll printing machines and equipment, endurance copper sleeves. High requirements for copper bushings for power plants, gas turbines, and power systems. These equipment and copper are more time and enjoy the troubles of violence, assembly and disassembly, and are inconvenient to compensate, so they demand that the copper quality rate is very stable and wears pressure.