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Three ways to choose the right copper bushing.

Update:21 Apr 2020

Choose different copper bushings according to the appli […]

Choose different copper bushings according to the application environment of copper bushings.
Copper bushings are generally used for bimetals, etc. For example, automotive bearings, so we have to choose copper bushings with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

The focus of the steel casting industry is high temperature, because of the particularity and inevitability of the industry, it is indispensable to deal with various high temperature environments in daily work, which makes some equipment always in a dangerous environment. Many industries now use electricity as energy to provide power, and electricity can only be conducted through cables. Its normal working temperature is much lower than the temperature in the steel casting environment. At this time, we need to take a protective measure for the line. To ensure its normal operation. Therefore, the same material sleeve corresponding to the wire specification should be used when selecting.

Bimetallic bushing

When selecting a protective sleeve, first select a part of the sample and make a test. First observe the color of the glass fiber inside, which is generally white, and there are also milky white and light yellow, but very few. Then judge whether it is a high-quality product based on the color and the outer layer of silicone, because some manufacturers add other substances to the glass fiber in order to save costs. This kind of casing will affect his protection effect and service life.