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What kind of castings are suitable for pressure casting production

Update:23 Aug 2018

The development of technology has made more and more ca […]

The development of technology has made more and more casting processes available, such as pressure casting, precision casting, vacuum casting, etc., and the selection of the process is not only to measure the characteristics of the process itself, the most critical match between the two, that is, the process Can it be consistent with the material properties and manufacturing conditions. So what kind of casting production is mainly applied to pressure casting?

It has been found through practice that the following materials can be used for pressure casting, including tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, magnesium, copper alloys, and the like. Due to the limitation of the capacity of the die casting machine, not only the type of material but also the weight of the material is required. Since the production speed of pressure casting is very fast, it has been widely welcomed.

Even so, it is not possible to use pressure casting blindly. Before the operation, it is necessary to do the relevant inspection and inspection work to ensure that the casting after molding can reach the best condition.