• Air conditioner parts series

    Air conditioner parts series

    We are specializes in copper pipe fittings, such as couplings, reducers, adapter, bend, elbows, tees, caps, branch pipes etc. We make thickness and connect length confirm to the standard strictly. The features are smooth with inside and outside, high precision tolerance. They are used for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, water piping project and other industrial piping system.

  • Pneumatic Components series

    Pneumatic Components series

    Our pneumatic components including quick coupler, coupling, pneumatic nipple, pneumatic piston, pneumatic joint, valve,tee, cross, muffler, plug, faster, pipe cap, end cap, elbow, bushing, screw, silencer, nut, nozzles, gun head and other products. They are used for plumbing, hydraulic, gas and other industries, the products have been widely sold our country and abroad.

  • Bushings series

    Bushings series

    We are manufacture all kinds of usages and the types of sleeve and flanged, our bushings can be produced as per customer requirements in BS,IS JIS,DIN, ASTM, SAE and other international standards, material includes red copper, brass, aluminum bronze, tin bronze,lead bronze, phosphor bronze, aluminum, iron, zinc base alloy and other metal alloy. The bushings includes copper alloy bushing, bimetallic bushing, Graphite bushing, zinc base alloy bushing, aluminum bushing and so on. the features are high strength, wearable, heat-resistant and acid-resistant etc.

  • Transmission parts series

    Transmission parts series

    We make a range of worm wheel, gear, cog,worm shaft and impeller, which are manufactured using premium quality metals. it's high performance,high tensile strength, corrosion resistance and durability and suitable for all kinds of transmission parts. We have successfully formed a wide clientele spread all across the globe, such us USA, Germany, South Korea, Russia, and the middle east countries.

  • Other brass/bronze castings series

    Other brass/bronze castings series

    We also produced non-standard parts which from various industries required. It includes different rough casting and precision parts, Such us half bushing, brass gasket, bronze block, bronze nut, brass valve, and other shaped castings. We produce the cupreous casting and iron casting which are high strength, wearable, heat-resistant and acid-resistant. These products are widely used in engineering machinery, coal machinery, ceramic machinery, textile machinery, mechanical transmission parts, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and air operated, hot-water heat, coal gas, air compressor, refrigeration, air conditioner, chemical industry, spinning and weaving, plumbing engineering project and so on. Warmly welcome customers to sent us drawings or samples for manufacturing.