WHY CHOOSE EDD MACHINERY? We have thirty years of industry experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality of products meet the relevant national standards, a metal engineering industry is committed to casting, processing, marketing, and service in one enterprise.


    Manufacturing and exporting experience for over 30 years.
    We are casting and machining together, customer can get more powerful guarantee.it contains raw material and sizes.
    In-house mold design and building capabilities


    Our CNC machining are in high quality
      1)No composition brass mix.
      2)All the material made of ingot
      3)All the blank are tested the chemical analysis before production
    Our copper fittings can be BS,JIS,DIN,ASTM,SAE approved.
    Keep secret to your idea and your design.

  • customization

    Professional design team, mold maker engineer. OEM/ODM service.
    Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality
    Fast delivery. For prototype: 7-10 days, Production orders can be arranged specially to meet customer’s urgent demands
    Geographical advantages: within 2 hours to airport or sea port.

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  • Surface treatment requirements for seamless elbows

    The seamless elbow of foreign trade almost requires sandblasting and rust removal. When the seamless elbow is produced, there will be a lot of lead powder applied to the inner wall of the elbow after the inner wall is coated with lead powder. In fact, lead powder is a kind of environmental pollution...

  • Differentiating the bending radius of the elbow

    The tortuous radius—the distance from the center of the circle to the center arc. There are many people who ask this question, and do specific clarification to enhance understanding. Use a common plastic soft water pipe to form a large circle with a washbasin. Would you? Then divide the circle that ...

  • How to calculate the elbow geometry?

    The elbow is a commonly used pipe fitting in the plumbing device. It is used for the connection of the pipe bend and is used to change the direction of the pipe. Other titles: 90° elbow, right angle bend, love and bend, stamping elbow, pressing elbow, mechanism elbow, welding elbow, etc. Elbow manuf...


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China copper fittings manufacturers and CNC machining suppliers

,we provide all types of copper fittings, bushes, copper nuts, copper slide blocks, gears, worms, copper shaftings, copper valves, copper impellers, washers, pneumatic fittings and so on. These products are widely used in air conditioner, engineering machinery, coal machinery, textile machinery, mechanical transmission parts, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and air operated,the hot-water heat,the coal gas, the air compressor,the refrigeration,the chemical industy,spinning and weaving, plumbing engineering project and so on, We can according to user requirement to make CNC machining .