WHY CHOOSE EDD MACHINERY? We have thirty years of industry experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality of products meet the relevant national standards, a metal engineering industry is committed to casting, processing, marketing, and service in one enterprise.


    Manufacturing and exporting experience for over 30 years.
    We are casting and machining together, customer can get more powerful guarantee.it contains raw material and sizes.
    In-house mold design and building capabilities


    Our CNC machining are in high quality
      1)No composition brass mix.
      2)All the material made of ingot
      3)All the blank are tested the chemical analysis before production
    Our copper fittings can be BS,JIS,DIN,ASTM,SAE approved.
    Keep secret to your idea and your design.

  • customization

    Professional design team, mold maker engineer. OEM/ODM service.
    Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality
    Fast delivery. For prototype: 7-10 days, Production orders can be arranged specially to meet customer’s urgent demands
    Geographical advantages: within 2 hours to airport or sea port.

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  • The structure of the gear

    Each machine requires different parts, but gears are used in many machines. The structure of the gear. Gear teeth are abbreviated as teeth, which are each convex part of the gear used for meshing. These convex parts are generally arranged in a radial pattern. The teeth on the mating gears are in contact with each other, so that the gears can continuously mesh and run. Cogging is the space between two adjacent teeth on the gear; The normal plane refers to the plane perpendicular to the tooth line of the gear tooth; Addendum circle refers to the circle where the top of the tooth is located;   The tooth root circle refers to the circle where the groove bottom is located; The base circle is a circle that forms the involute line for pure rolling; The index circle is the reference circle for calculating the geometric dimensions of the gear in the end face; The end face is on a cylindrical gear or cylindrical worm, and is perpendicular to the axis of the gear or worm.   Gear teeth, normal surface, tooth space, addendum circle, tooth root circle, base circle, index circle, and end surface are all components of the gear. These components need to be clearly understood by everyone. This is also the knowledge of gears. Basics, so don’t underestimate the gear. Each product exists for a reason. The reason why gears have long held a place in the market is because many productions cannot do without gears.

  • Simple process introduction of gear processing

    Rolling and gear shaping. The equipment used for processing the tooth part still uses a large number of ordinary gear hobbing machines and gear shaping machines. Although it is convenient to adjust and maintain, the production efficiency is low. If a large production capacity is completed, multiple machines must be produced at the same time. With the development of coating technology, the re-coating after the hob and insert knife are sharpened is very convenient. The coated gear can significantly increase the service life and reduce the number of replacements. 2. Shaving. Radial gear shaving technology is widely used in large-volume steam gear processing because of its high efficiency, design tooth shape and tooth shape modification requirements, which are easy to achieve. Using this technology for gear machining can ensure stable and reliable quality. 3. Heat treatment. Gear machining requires carburizing and quenching to ensure its good mechanical properties. For gears that are no longer grinded after heat, stable and reliable heat treatment equipment is indispensable. 4. Grinding processing. The main purpose is to finish the heat treatment of the gear inner hole, end surface, shaft outer diameter and other parts to improve dimensional accuracy and reduce shape and position tolerances.

  • What are the types of gears and gear applications

    According to specifications or size, gear models are divided into standard and non-standard;According to different measurement units at home and abroad, gear models are divided into metric and imperial systems.Metric gear modelThe main models of metric gears are: M0.4 M0.5, etc.   Inch gear model.DP gear is an inch gear (diameter pitch gear) used in Europe, America and other countries. It refers to the number of teeth on each inch of the circle diameter. The larger the value, the smaller the teeth. Diameter joint DP=z/D (z—the number of teeth, D—the diameter of the index circle, in inches), with the diameter joint DP unit (1/in). Its conversion relationship with the metric system is m=25.4/DP, which means that it is the same as our commonly used modulus. The main models of inch gears are: DP1 DP1.25, etc.China's iron and steel smelting technology level is also continuously improving. The use of advanced smelting technologies such as ladle secondary smelting, fine-tuning of ingredients and continuous casting and rolling enables steel mills to produce gear steel for gears with high purity and hardenability with narrowing. The domestic production of imported steel for automobile gears has been achieved, which has brought China's gear steel production to a new level. Nickel-containing high hardenability steel for domestic heavy-duty automobile gears suitable for my country's national conditions has also been applied and achieved good results. The heat treatment technology for automotive gears has also evolved from the use of well-type gas carburizing shields in the original 50-60s to the current widespread use of computer-controlled continuous gas carburizing automatic lines and box multi-purpose furnaces and automatic production lines (including low-pressure (vacuum) carburizing Technology), gear carburizing pre-oxidation treatment technology, gear quenching control cooling technology (due to the use of special quenching oil and quenching cooling technology), gear forging isothermal normalizing technology,...


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