WHY CHOOSE EDD MACHINERY? We have thirty years of industry experience and state-of-the-art infrastructure, quality of products meet the relevant national standards, a metal engineering industry is committed to casting, processing, marketing, and service in one enterprise.


    Manufacturing and exporting experience for over 30 years.
    We are casting and machining together, customer can get more powerful guarantee.it contains raw material and sizes.
    In-house mold design and building capabilities


    Our CNC machining are in high quality
      1)No composition brass mix.
      2)All the material made of ingot
      3)All the blank are tested the chemical analysis before production
    Our copper fittings can be BS,JIS,DIN,ASTM,SAE approved.
    Keep secret to your idea and your design.

  • customization

    Professional design team, mold maker engineer. OEM/ODM service.
    Professional QC and R&D teams to assure high quality
    Fast delivery. For prototype: 7-10 days, Production orders can be arranged specially to meet customer’s urgent demands
    Geographical advantages: within 2 hours to airport or sea port.

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    Precision gears are an important part of the machine. Everyone should know more about precision gears, because it appears more frequently in people's lives and in industry. In the process of using precision gears, the wear of the gears and the types of precision gears required by different types of ...

  • How is the bronze gear made?

    Gears are often used in mechanical connections. We use moving diagrams to demonstrate the processing of gears. In addition to gear processing, we have also arranged other production processes, all of which are animations and explanations, which is very intuitive. Gear is a commonly used transmission...

  • Material requirements of copper sleeve

    There are many types of copper sleeves, including machine copper rollers and copper bearings. Oil lubricated bearings are used in various large and heavy machinery and are important components of machinery. Copper sleeves, also called copper shaft sleeves, are divided into a variety of types, includ...


Famous as

China copper fittings manufacturers and CNC machining suppliers

,we provide all types of copper fittings, bushes, copper nuts, copper slide blocks, gears, worms, copper shaftings, copper valves, copper impellers, washers, pneumatic fittings and so on. These products are widely used in air conditioner, engineering machinery, coal machinery, textile machinery, mechanical transmission parts, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mining and air operated,the hot-water heat,the coal gas, the air compressor,the refrigeration,the chemical industy,spinning and weaving, plumbing engineering project and so on, We can according to user requirement to make CNC machining .